Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 17 - Website

Day 17 - Your favorite website.

The websites I spend the most time on are hulu (hello free tv!) and the new and VERY improved (hello calling). So I tried to find another website that made me look cool.

And while I was going through my history, I found this article on Lifehacker that my brother sent me.
While I was there I remembered that I should probably print off the periodic table of cleaning (again) and do something about this sty I live in.
Which is what lead me to toilet cleaning with kool-aid.

Kool aid reminded me that I forgot to write down the glass of Martinelli's I had last night with my popcorn and Bones.
So I headed over to NutriMirror to write it down.

And there I was. It's my favorite recipe/motivational/social networking/food logging site.

Also, lifehacker has the ability to suck me in like almost nothing else. So I suppose lifehacker comes in second.

Even when I'm trying to look cool, I'm a nerd. *sigh*

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