Sunday, February 27, 2011

The One Where Mom Turns 60

The girls worked and slaved over the decorations.

Sarah sets the table.

Wendy brings in more of the good stuff she made.

Katy cooks all the tasty things.
 Meanwhile......the boys sat around.
Josh & Nate lounging.
We had a lovely lunch

And we made people guess how many of those things were in these jars.
Those candies in these jars.
Everything was simply lovely and we all had a great time. Here's my mom's new hat. She said she didn't plan to wear it to church today - a cryin' shame.

I think my favorite part though was earlier this month when we all (her kids) made a memory book on snapfish. That book is amazing, and mom really loved it. 


  1. beautiful party!
    so, when i worked at dillards there were always women who would come in wearing red and purple scarves and hats like your mom has. i always thought they were part of some cool club. what is it all about?

  2. thanks for sharing. it looks like it was wonderful!! happy birthday to mom!

  3. Yep - they are in a society. :D

    Here's the wikipedia article.

    Good times....

  4. I can't believe your mom is 60. Crazy how time flies. I love that hat, it's too bad she didn't wear it to church. She would have rocked the organ with it.


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