Thursday, February 24, 2011

Games People Play

One of the highlights of the annual trip to Midway is the constant gaming.

Someone is always playing something, and if they're not it's because it's your turn to pick the game and they're waiting on you.

Sometimes the game is "snap the M&M out of my hand!"
Sarah feeding Tommy.

The Dr.'s office toy was a big hit- I promise he's happier than he looks. Just stunned by the incessant flashing of the camera.

And sometimes "we're playing house. This is the bed - we gotta get some sleep because we're extra tired today."

Randy, Tyler, Ryann

Other times (and more often) the game is "belly flop on the mostly deflated air mattress!"

 But most often it's a full-blown "jumping contest on the mostly deflated air mattress!"

Other people prefer the less-physical game of "where's your belly button?"

But then they get bored and decide that a little "king of the mountain" is in order.
Tyler and Logan

When the limbs freeze, it's time for this game that has to do with an elephant ride, but I can't remember what it's called. Anybody? Anybody?
Ty-guy and Ry swinging Lucy

Of course the adults play regular old boring card games.
Lucy, Kate, Rand

with babies on their laps.
Amy, Josh, Tommy

and snacks in their mouths.
Clint and Sarah


  1. I hope my family grows up to be as fun as your family with all the spouses and adorable children!


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