Wednesday, February 2, 2011

5 words

It's 8:06am and I've only said 5 words so far today.

It's strange because usually by now I've had a 35 minute whine session cleverly disguised as a workout with Jess (poor Jess) and come home and reviewed my day with Josh "will you be home before 9 tonight?", and reminded Tommy that "oh my goodness there's a day out there!" and narrated the getting dressed and breakfast rituals, "let's see what shall we wear today? you need summa pants.....and summa shirt.......and summa socks.....cuz it's brrr-freezin' out there!" and "hold on baby, we're just gonna warm you up some sick nasty wheat-cream....ooooh blackberries! you lucky boy." Which reminds me. No matter how much good stuff you put in cream of wheat, it still tastes like wheat. OK? So you probably shouldn't waste too many frozen berries, or yogurt because in the end you just wind up with a bigger bowl of cream of wheat. Poor baby.

But I've finally caught Tommy's cold. And I'm losing my voice (and my sanity...but I think that my voice is the greater loss, the sanity was questionable anyway.)

So I texted-in-sick to Jess and my 5 spoken words this morning were "Josh, can you get him?"

Some people intentionally take a vow of silence. They don't speak for months at a time. So far I've been awake for about 45 minutes and the silence is killing me. I am not those people.


  1. Sad day! I hope you get better really soon.

  2. Poor poor! I hope you get your voice back soon, though in the meantime I suppose blogging is a good outlet for your words.


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