Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Day 29 - One Bucket Item

Day 29 - A picture of something you want to do before you die. 

Ha! Just kidding! I'm curious. Did you actually believe me? 

If you did believe that, you should know that I start to panic when I get more than 1 rung up on a ladder. I'm not kidding. I'm terrified of heights. Terrified.

Now, back to real life.

OK the scuba diving thing is for real. 

I like this because it's actually possible in real life, also because it requires me to GO somewhere. I'd really love to travel the world, but even if I don't, I still want to travel the ocean.


  1. i thought that seemed a little out of character for you (the skydiving).
    you are brave still in my opinion, i have no desire to do either skydive or scuba. i've seen too many shows about scuba gone wrong. i'll settle for watching something on discovery about it. hehe.

  2. I am terrified of heights too! I am terrified near heights because my children might fall off! I hate Brian carrying the girls near a height because "what if he drops her?" Its awful! Yet, I do kinda wanna skydive! Don't know how that will happen! Scuba, however, terrifies me! There is too much unknown in that deep dark sea, plus sharks! I know all the statistics, but I am not rational.

  3. I believed you on the skydiving thing, but that's just because skydiving IS on my bucket list. Scuba wasn't, but I've done it and it ROCKS. THE. WORLD. You'll love it!


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