Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Cold

Today is cold beyond reason.

Here are some scientific facts that I just made up:

If you left something outside last night, it wont thaw until August.

If (and it's a BIG if) you go outside and breath in, the air freezes the saliva in your throat. That why you start to choke.

If you stay outside for more than 15 seconds, your exposed skin starts to ache. (That's actually true. At least for me.)

If you let your child follow you out to the garbage can, you feel like a child abuser when he drowns in the cold. (Also true.)

If you throw a cup of boiling water into the air, it vaporizes before it finishes going "up". *poof* (like that)

If you leave your space heater off, your toes will turn black and fall off.

If you make soup and eat it by your window, you will chip a tooth.

I'm glad I get to stay inside today.


  1. Wow, I think those are all true! Well, I'm really wondering about the hot water thing....if I get bored tonight, I might try it :)

  2. oh man! tommy must have taken a good nap today for you to have time to think all those up. they made me laugh.

  3. Somebody in one of my classes actually saw a tear freeze to someone's face the other day. True story.

  4. I think theres a bit of nerd in all of us. I walk, get back and while I eat breakfast, I'm on the laptop in NM, 3 Emails, 3 blogs and answering everyone. Then on my Iphone to check my messages and return, and top that off I HAVE to feed all my frogs in a app I'm totally hooked on. I get on the Wii and after a BIT I have the internet and a keyboard on my TV surfing the net from Wii. BUT,I never turn the TV on to watch TV until the hubby comes home.....Dont ya just love technology?


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