Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 16: Cry Song

Day 16: A song that makes you cry.

Remember when making mixes was a hobby? My friends and I would sit around on a Thursday afternoon downloading music and making a mix for the day.

Then I went to college and took the hobby with me. One mix that Jamie and I made is called "Songs That Make Me Cry". Jamie has beautiful handwriting and can write in different fonts, so she wrote the title of the "album" all fancy. I miss Jamie. We were fun.

Sledding up Emigration Canyon in 2007. Good times.

When I ripped that CD to iTunes some of the songs were worn out from listening to them too much. I swear just after we made that CD it didn't live my 5-disc-changer for months. (Remember life before the iPod?)

Anyway, I could put all of those songs on here. And if you're looking for some really great crying songs, let me know. But the ones I love most today are:

Neither of these videos are worth watching, but both songs are worth listening. So turn them on, and go respond to your e-mails or something.

Hey Girl by Colors


Man of the World by Marc Cohn

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