Sunday, February 13, 2011

An Explanation

Remember how we went on a walk yesterday to celebrate a temperature greater than my age? This pose is why that walk took 45 minutes. 

Bubbah crouches to point to and touch something new.
Turns out that 1 year olds don't walk as fast as 26 year olds. Who knew?

You've missed this smile haven't you? 
I may or may not have let him chew on that stick.
And for your viewing pleasure, this face is the one Tommy makes when I say "still chewin'?" to see if I should give him another bite or not. (For the record, the answer is usually 'not'.)

You're welcome.


  1. How sweet is he!!!! Worth every minute of that walk!

  2. He is so cute and I love all of his facial expressions.

  3. Today was GLORIOUS, and I'm so glad you took our beautiful boy out for an exploratory, oh-so-slow walk!

  4. Guess what? That's not really Landon, that's me! (Sharing a computer! Ugh.)

  5. Best. Walk. Ever. I want to kiss those cute little Tommy cheeks.


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