Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 28 - Hopes, Dreams & Plans

Day 28 - Your hopes, dreams, plans for the next 365 days.

My family grows together.
Josh keeps loving school.
Tommy learns to love nursery (and other strangers). I'm really hoping for him to just love nursery from the beginning, but that seems like a long-shot, so I'll take "learning to love it".
"The Market" corrects itself and homes for sale in our neighborhood finally start to MOVE.
I learn to be a nicer person. Stop saying mean things and treat people better.

We win the lottery, Josh miraculously graduates early, lands his dream job and our lives are filled with love and babies. Also, someone who lives in an actual house (in my neighborhood) decides they hate it because they don't like to dust so much and they hate mowing the lawn, and they'd like to trade us straight across for our tiny little 2-bedroom townhome. Also, since we won the lottery I can afford to pay someone to decorate my house. And I. Will. Love it!

To run a significant race.
To attend the temple a lot. (There's a specific number in my head and on the wall, but I'm too chicken to blog it.)
To bike a big ride. Something more than 30 miles.
To keep making good friends in the neighborhood. The more people I get to know here, the more I love being here. I live around some totally awesome people.
To read a lotta books.
To clean all the things you're supposed to clean "once in a while" more often than "we've lived here 3 years and never done that."

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  1. amy says mean things?! i'll never believe it. sorry.

    what great hopes dreams and plans! i hope they all come true for you.


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