Wednesday, October 2, 2013

10 new meals = sucess

Sometimes Often the 29th of the month rolls around and I go "Crap! A goal! I've been looking at that goal on the top of my daily calendar for 29 days now and I'm out of time!"

Sometimes it magically happens and I win.
Sometimes it doesn't and I don't.

And both are OK.

But this month? This month I. NAILED. It.

My goal of cooking 10 new meals was to get me out of my inevitable food rut. Even in January I knew I'd be in a food rut this time of year. Lo and behold, I think the month of July had me making pasta or sandwiches at least 8 times/week. And mac 'n cheese filled most other empty meal slots.

As it turned out my friend Charisse hosted a freezer meals activity and told me I could bring my boys if I'd come and we made 5 new meals in one night!

Plus I had zucchini and yellow squash coming out of my ears and Ruthie had the same problem and gave me a few new recipes to try with my garden haul.

Then when I was telling my family about our awesome freezer meals activity they got all like "I wanna try too!" and so we did, and I made 5 more new meals.

And just like that, my freezer is stocked, we tried a bunch of new things, and I met (and exceeded) my totally awesome goal for September.



  1. Goooooooooooooo Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna imagine that I'm over at your house right when dinner comes out of the oven/crock pot, holding a homemade sign and clapping and cheering for your accomplishment this month. That was awesome. And also, my family thanks you for the good dinners in our freezer too. And FYI, the frozen cookie dough, gone. Like all the way gone. In my belly.

    1. That's right - running a marathon's got nothin' on making dinner for your family. :D ha!

      Also I'm DYING laughing about your cookie doughs. You really really need to bake at least 1 tray - because they are SO good baked. So repent and make them again ok?


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