Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Family Home Evening

We've never been good at family home evening, but a few months ago Tommy was playing with our super cute rotation chart and asked why it had all our names on it.

I explained what we should be doing, and what our assignments would be and he immediately nominated himself as "the boss of treats" forever more.

So we started having family home evening.

And by family home evening I mean Tommy picks a treat. Typically we wait for Josh to come home from work and look at a religious picture while one of us tries to remember what it's about and explain it to the kids.

One time Josh chose Abraham sacrificing Issac.

As it turns out, this is not a great bedtime story.

Josh: So Abraham's son was Issac, and he really really loved Issac.
Tommy: Like how much you love me?
Josh: Yes! Just like that! You're my son and Issac was Abraham's son and...
Me: Um...easy on the relating this story to our real life OK?
Josh: So God told Abraham to sacrifice Issac so they went for a little walk in the mountains....
Tommy: What's fice? What's a sack of fice?
Tommy: Why's that guy's hurtin that other guy with that sharp one. Is he choosin' dangerous?
Josh: Mom?
Me: You started it, good luck.

So you see lessons aren't our strong point.

But treats. We've totally got that under control.

Also singing. Because Little John can do a rendition of sun-BEAM that blows the roof off our place.


  1. Classic! I love it! We have been using the Nursery Manual for FHE. Benjamin just started doing all of the jobs, not just prayer. It was the sweetest thing when he taught his first lesson a couple of weeks ago.

  2. Ahhhhhhh! Moral of the story, if you love someone, you hafta be willing to murder them. But if the angel says stop the murderin, you gotta stop. Yeah, that's not a good bedtime story, even for grown ups. But treats, good job on the treats! We had a little ghost story phase with mom's flannel board ghosts who disobey and eat the wrong color of food. Then we asked, "Ryann, do you want to play "sure I'd be glad to?"' She said, "NOOOOOOO"


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