Sunday, November 4, 2012

Temple: Success

October's goal was to attend the temple 6 times.

When I set my annual goals I had just come off a "attend the temple every week" stint, so 6 times sounded like a bit of a challenge, but not really that much.

By the time the challenge rolled around it may as well have been "attend the temple for 6 hours every day" because it seemed just as impossible.

But I was going for it anyway.

Plus our new ward was focusing on temple attendance this month, so they were asking people to go at least once a week and even had names for us to do.

Josh's new work schedule leaves me "plenty of time" for things like this, but for some reason it felt like I went every single day that he was home. I didn't, I went 6 times. And I loved it every time.

Once I went 3 days in a row having missed any trips the previous week, and that was the best. I did some of everything, I saw familiar faces, I learned things, and I had built in time to study and pray while I waited for my turn. Just what I needed for some answers to my prayers.

Temple service is something I always wish I was doing more of, but it seems hard to go when you don't go regularly. I am here to tell you, that the more you go the easier it is. Run in and run out, or sit and think a while. Do one thing or 3 things. Go with something on your mind, or go just because you said you would. It is never ever a bad thing.

There aren't many of these goals that I honestly want to do every month, but this is one. I doubt I can go 6 times every month, but I have every intention of not getting in the once-a-month mindset again for a while. Because there are things in the temple that I need more often than once a month.


  1. Can I just tell you how much I love reading your blog? Thank you. I love reading your blog. You are so funny, so honest, and you don't take yourself too seriously. Seriously refreshing!

  2. Needed to read that today. Thanks.


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