Thursday, November 15, 2012


I am fascinated by the sounds that around me when it's quiet enough to hear things. (not often)

Usually life around here is noisy, somebody is crying about something, asking for something, or shouting in joy having received something. When the people aren't making noise, the TV, iPod, or kitchen is making noise. it's never silent but sometimes it IS quiet.

I can hear the fuzz from John's monitor while he sleeps soundly. Every now and then I hear him snort or snore.

The dishwasher is whoosh whooshing and draining. The washing machine is thumping and apparently getting ready for take off.

The low hum of whatever training Josh is listening to barely escapes under the door of the office.

The Christmas music sings out from the kitchen.

Tommy's show is harping its annoying songs up the stairs.

There seems to be one bird who was left behind and is singing in my backyard. I love that bird for surviving the snow.

This is certainly the quietest moment of my day (perhaps my week!). By far. And I simply love these sounds of silence.

So I'm curious - do you hear what I hear?

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