Saturday, October 27, 2012

Hired Help

Yesterday we woke up to a mild blizzard in our backyard. The snow was going sideways and up and down and Tommy couldn't be pulled away from the window to bother with such insignificant things as breakfast.

He stood at the window repeating a million times over "mom! mom! LOOOOK! It's winter out there. Come on mom, get out there!"

So we bundled all up and "got out there".

We had been outside for roughly .2 seconds and I was busy snapping pictures of the magic and wonder of my backyard covered in snow.....

when suddenly....

The Boy threw the first snowball of the year! Fortunately John and I recovered giving Tommy something to run for. And we all lived happily ever after.

Josh swears up and down that he never said anything to him, but I know I saw Dad pay Tommy in M&Ms after bedtime. However, because The Children are not invited to our eternal snowball war, it doesn't matter how fast the hit man is.

In other news: that night after Josh got home from work and I had put the kids in bed, he smuggled a small snowball into the house and pegged me with it right in the living room giggling like a school girl the entire time.

2012 score:
Josh: 5 (no matter how you count it) Amy: 3


  1. Next year, Amy, make a snowball and stick it in the freezer so you're armed with Josh comes home from work! ;)

  2. The pearl bracelet is adorable! I would love to have my pearl necklace wear that. I love the jewelry set, really wish we sent for it since it's sooo cute! freshwater pearl bracelet we bought about 1.5 months in advance since she probably won't grow too much in that time period.


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