Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Farewell Redbox

Last week Josh finally did what I honestly thought he'd never do. He quit working for Redbox.

He started there when we were engaged because the job fell into his lap and he wanted us to have health insurance. He was one of 3 employees in Utah then and he covered all of the machines from Payson to Salt Lake, Tooele to Heber. He LOVED it. And they loved him. There was a lot of freedom, some awesome benefits and when he had to work late he'd take me with him - which was awesome.

The bigger Redbox got the less he loved it. They had more rules and less flexibility. He still liked it, but before long he knew everything there was to know about a Redbox and he was bored AND restricted. Deadly combination.

It was always a job "just to get through school" so when he finally graduated this spring I got excited about the reign of Redbox ending. Always always on call.

But then we had to wait for him to find a job.

So when he found a job I (like an idiot) thought that he'd quit is existing full-time job in favor of the new full-time position in the correct career that came with a significant pay increase. But when he told his old boss that he got a new job, all they discussed was a new schedule working around his new job hours. So Josh worked 2 full-time jobs. (duh. What else would he do?)

I tease him a lot, but the truth is: that man is hard-working. And although I often say I'd rather have him home I can certainly appreciate the hard work he was putting in at both places.

After moving to Utah County though he was finished. He has been doing way too many way too long days and he was through, so he finally gave them a quit date and he stuck to it.

He handed over the car, the computer and the freebies and gladly exchanged it for life at home again!

It has all miraculously worked out - turns out moving is expensive and both incomes were greatly appreciated for that month or two. And now that we're here he's busy helping with the house and the moving and everything that comes with it and he hasn't even noticed that he sometimes has a day off.

So, while we both loved him working for Redbox, we are thrilled to finally say farewell. For real.

When we're old and gray we'll sit on the front porch playing "remember when" and joke about The Redbox Years.

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  1. Hip hip hurray!! I'm glad you had it, and I am very glad you are moving past it!


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