Saturday, May 21, 2011


I had my first taste of brotherly love this weekend and I liked it.

Josh was having a guys' night here with all my brothers on Friday night. Naturally, in a move of retaliation, I invited myself and my sisters to my mom's house for a girls night.

Since Mom lives so far away, and we planned to party all night long, and I didn't want to come to a house full of smelly boys (no offense guys...) I planned to sleep over at my mom's.

That's why Tommy and I were sharing a room.
And why I woke him up when I tried to sneak into bed in the middle of the night.
And why instead of letting him cry it out I let him join me and snuggle me all night long.

He couldn't get comfy next to me until he crawled around the bed in circles (stealing his moves from Fido) nuzzled his head into my hip curling his body around my bulging belly to snuggle with his baby brother.

We tossed and turned together all night long. Repositioning and rearranging. First thing this morning I was laying on my back with Tommy on my right side, legs curled around my face, butt right under my chin with his face stuffed up against my side.

Out of habit I started to feel my stomach just to see where NBE was hiding this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to feel him squished as far to my right side as possible instead of his usual nest right in the middle of my tummy. Curled up right next to his big brother.

And then my heart melted a teeny tiny bit..


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