Thursday, August 5, 2010

One thing I love about being at my mom's house

One thing I love about being at my mom's house is the yard.

Josh and I agree that the next place we live will have a yard and a garage larger than our car. Among other things.

The garden and the barn. Yes, that's ALL garden. Yes I brought home "some" squash. Thanks mom!

The trampoline, which Tommy thinks is only mildly entertaining. For 5 jumps. Then he (and I) are done.

The ginormous swing set, trees and open lawn for game playing.

Tommy is like 2 feet tall right? So that puts this swing set in perspective.
Tommy LOVED to swing.

He giggled and giggled and giggled. So I got out the camera. And he suddenly didn't think it was as funny. But....because I know Grandma Reilley loves no sound more than this one (the baby...not the mommy) you get the video anyway.

Nevermind Grandma. I'll try again tomorrow.


  1. that is the HUGEST swing i have EVER seen in my life. your mom could charge admission for that! and i'm a little bit intimidated just looking at it... seriously.

  2. AWESOME backyard! I would gladly give up square footage in my home for a big backyard.


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