Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 In review

I can't believe this year is over! Here are some of our highlights:

Our first anniversary: I thought that meant people would stop calling us newliweds - it didn't mean that. We celebrated in St. George and by going to Zion's. That was amazing.

Camping galore: We went to Alexander Lake with my family, up the canyon a bunch with the Burches, picnic site in American Fork.

Stability: This was the first full calendar year in the past 5 that I have lived in 1 home (not counting yesterday's move), 1 ward and had 1 job! Taxes are going to be EASY!!! I think that means we're grownups.

Amy is blonde: That's right. Blonde, not just highlights (like I wanted) but full blown blonde. It's mostly grown out now...but wow. I look like the white witch! But Josh still loves me in fact, he wishes I'd do it again, I just can't bring myself to do that!

Steve died: Josh's beloved truck was officially retired after keeping our vows to each other that we "absolutely would not put one more dime into this truck!!!!" (OK it was more my screaming and yelling than vows to each other, but whatever.)
Oregon: Josh and I had his parents and mine go to Depoe Bay with us. QUITE the adventures! But now we know that our parents all get along and the inlaw thing isn't as bad as people say.
Josh smashes all other players at super smash brothers: No matter who he plays, or when he plays he never loses. Nate is the best match for him, but nobody else even comes close!
Garden: We planted our first married garden. It was beautiful, and fruitful, and now we know how.
Those are few of the highlights, it was a great year for us and we're excited for the next one!

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