Sunday, September 25, 2011

Feeling Hopeful

For some reason today has been better than it should have been. You know that feeling when you look back over your day and things just went wrong and you did nothing fun or productive or right, but for some reason instead of feeling defeated and tired and ornery you feel like you had a good day anyway? But there's no apparent reason for it?

That was today. Josh worked all day, I took Tommy to my RS meeting this morning (NOT acceptable behavior, but I didn't know what else to do.) where he colored on his hands and whined and distracted all of us from being as productive as we should have been. I've been sick and tired and grouchy and sick a couple more times for what feels like a long time and it all "came up" during church. The dishes didn't do themselves. The child didn't feed himself. The work didn't get done. AND I didn't sleep in. Plus my house is a disaster zone and my "relax and listen to calming music" time seems to have vanished.

But you wanna know the good news?

  • My pregnancy partner (she is due the same day as me) is going to have her c-section in 3 weeks instead of 1. Somehow this means to me that my baby won't come tomorrow and I can calm. freaking. down. 
  • The people in my RS meeting say nice things about my child even though he's covered in ink and his mother is clearly a disaster.
  • The lessons and talks in church were great.
  • I had sweet sweet conversations and goals met with my hubby.
  • We went for a nice evening drive as a family. Nobody had a meltdown. Not even me!
  • Tommy snuggled into me before rolling onto his back for his hands-behind-the-head-ankles-crossed bedtime story position. 
  • We ate "garden dinner" together after church. There are few things I love more than dinner which is really just made up of garden food courtesy of someone who loves me. (Hi mom!)
I suppose I do know the reasons it was a good day instead of a rotten one after all.....


  1. If it is any consolation, I thought you looked very pretty in church yesterday.

  2. Good times for sure! P.S. I can watch Tommy..especially Sunday mornings..if you ever need me to!


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