Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Thoughts on Little John's Arrival

I think that waking up 10 times a night to waddle to the bathroom tends to make you a bit loopy.

That's my excuse for the following line of reasoning from 3:37am.

Me: "Ugh...I have to pee again."
Self: "It's not possible. I just peed. I've only been asleep for 8 minutes. Wait...what's the difference between 28 and 37? Why is math so hard? I'm glad God invented calculators. If I go back to school I wonder what math I'd have to take. I haven't taken Math since I was a Jr. in High School. I'd probably fail. I thought I was good at Math, I wonder what else I'm not good at....."
Me: "Yep. Definitely have to pee."
Self: "Maybe I don't have to pee. Maybe my water is about to break. That's the same as peeing your pants right? So it probably feels the same right before it happens, right?"
Me: "Still have to pee."
Self: "If I have the baby this week we don't have Plan A available to watch Tommy until a grandma gets here. Plus Josh has tests today and tomorrow and clinic all day Friday. I don't wanna be alone in the hospital. Cue the tears of unreasonable emotion."
Me: "PEEEEEE!!!!!!" (in Tommy's voice)
Self: "Fine. I'll pee."

I'm a little unsure of how this delivery is going to go. With Tommy I had no idea what to expect. Which worked out fine because my water broke and that was a clear sign we had to go to the hospital today. According to my mother. I thought I could wait until my appointment the next afternoon with Dr. Man. That would've been bad.

This time I hope my water breaks again. And I hope it happens before Little John's due date because I'm pretty sure I'll be a miserable human being long before November 3rd. I have no good reason to think that I won't have to do the whole "time your contractions and wait for them to make you wish you were dead THEN go to the hospital" thing.

While Dr. Man seems confident I won't go past my due date, I'm not so sure. And I almost hope Little John doesn't come until at least the 5th because at that point Josh will be finished with his clinics for school and will be gone one less day each week. Plus then I'll get to go to the Halloween Party and take Tommy trick-or-treating which I fully expect to be the most adorable thing he's ever done.


  1. Ha, ha! I remember wondering this same thing with my second...only I didn't ever have my water break. It would have been nice to have such a concrete signal to go to the hospital! With my second I was having contractions and timing them...but I still hoped I could hold out until morning. I waited as long as I could (and if my husband had known that at the time, he would have panicked!) to try to get some sleep, but finally I knew it was inevitable. The things you'll do for a little sleep. You'll be fine! You'll know!

  2. Both times my water broke while I was pushing. Both times I was terrified I was going to have to name our child Freeway, especially the second time. But...neither of my children have that name so you know it all worked out alright in the end. :)

    And that peeing thing is really annoying, isn't it?

  3. Um, I can just drive up there and get Tommy if you have the baby before plan A is available. Also, I'm excited for little John to get here but also excited for Tommy to go trick or treating, it IS going to be the most adorable thing ever.


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