Friday, September 23, 2011


At my parent's house my room was in the basement, which means my window was pretty easily accessed. A sneak through the rock garden and short drop into the window well gave you easy entrance to my bedroom. Which, as a teenager with parents who liked to go to sleep much earlier than I thought was a reasonable time for my friends to drop by, was awesome.

Somehow I adopted a welcome mat (like for a front porch) and put it under the window in my bedroom.
It was a joke.

Today I'm wishing I had a basement window I could offer as a more welcoming space than my actual front porch.

As far as I can tell there are no plans to pour the replacement sidewalk anytime before Christmas. The jackhammer guys came and did their job, but I've seen no sign of the "fix it/make it pretty" guys. Perhaps those guys are just quieter.

The good news is, Tommy will gladly play in the "rock pit" for hours at a time.
The bad news is it takes hours to get him past the front door every time we cross it.

On a completely unrelated note to everyone I've inconvenienced: Sorry I was late today (and yesterday, and tomorrow and the next day.....). I couldn't get my kid off the front porch because it is now the coolest place on the block.

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