Thursday, September 22, 2011

They jackhammered my door open

Remember The HOA love-fest? Yeah....those were the good ol' days.

Actually it's not so much The HOA's fault, but clearly I'm going to whine to SOMEone about SOMEthing and therefore must blame The HOA.

They're replacing some my sidewalks because somehow somewhere someone deemed them imperfect and spray painted a bright orange X on my front porch.

Tommy is somehow napping through the jackhammering that is literally shaking the entire house. Which is fine, they gotta work sometime, but my front door won't stay closed and every few minutes it pops open due to the vibration. That's when the jackhammering starts in my brain.


In other news we inherited ceiling fans from our extraordinarily kind neighbors who have moved and like us more than the future occupants of their home. Removing the old light fixtures and replacing them with ceiling fans requires crawling into the attic, tracking insulation through the living room, and shedding a fine layer of sawdust over the entire house. Which is why my living room currently looks as much like a construction zone as my front porch.


  1. But, hey! Open windows here you come! If you put one of those fans in Tommy's room then he won't suffocate to death on stagnant air. :)

    Sorry about the jackhammer thing. :(

  2. That would drive me CRAZY! I hope Tommy keeps sleeping through it.


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