Thursday, September 8, 2011


Sometimes Tommy & I go to the library. It's a little bit for Tommy and a lotta bit for me. Because they have this little kid area where Tommy can pull all the books off the shelves and turn their cardboard pages and love on the gigantic stuffed things which I don't have to find a home for.

Meanwhile I can sit in a chair, tell him he's adorable and read my own book in peace.

And I love that.

I really love that.

That's why I'm so scared to tell The Library that I lost the book that is due today. Lost it. Totally lost it. I mean it is gone. Gone-gone. G.O.N.E.-gone. It's not under the bed or the dresser or hiding in my purse or stuck in the fridge or under the sink or with the laundry. It's been that gone for 2 whole renewals while I held my breath confident I could find it.

But today is D-day and I'm relatively certain that Tommy smuggled it into the outside world (where no library book has gone before) because it quite simply isn't in this house.

I've never lost a library book before. So I'm scared.

The nice librarian who told me about story time last week is probably going to break out her librarian-handcuffs and chain Tommy and I to the outside door where we can see the books, see the happy children, but aren't allowed to touch anything.

Or maybe they'll call the Library Cops who will turn on their sirens and let everybody watch while they duck my head into the back cage of their Library-Cop car.

Or maybe they'll force us to stay behind the Library Desk trying to match lonely pages to missing-pag-ed-books. Actually that doesn't sound like that bad of a job....

Either way, at some point today I have to go fess up. I have to tell the librarian that I lost the book. And what if she tells my mom?!


  1. I love you Amy. You're so cute! Hope you find the confidence to "fess up," I'm sure your punishments won't be quite as bad as you're imagining.

  2. Oh no! What book is it? Also, I've lost books before and looked under the couch a bazillion times and it wasn't there and then one more look and there it was. Don't give up hope :D

  3. We've done that about 4 times since we moved here. I am also a constant costumer coming in with crayon on several pages. I can do it for you, if you want. I am becoming a pro.

  4. we (cole) lost a planet book about 6 mos ago. we just use luke's library card now...and i never told the librarian. is that bad?!


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