Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kind, Smart, Important. Mostly Important.

When I read The Help a year and a half ago I cried. And thought. And discussed it. And probably cried a little more.

It was such a fantastic read. I positively loved it. Of course my mom and my sisters loved it too, so when the movie came out, we all went to see it so we could sit around and discuss it while enjoying greek yogurt, dark chocolate, and cucumber water. Are you ever surprised at how cool my family is? I am.

The movie had me in tears multiple times - I could blame Little John, but the truth is that it is simply a moving story. The book was amazing and the movie did it justice.

I came home wanting to be a better mother, a kinder person, and a more concerned human being.

I also came home telling Tommy "You are kind. You are smart. You are important." and somehow he latched onto the only word in the sentence that was new to him. "Po-tant!"

So when I crouch down and look him straight in the eye and start to tell him in my most meaningful voice "you are kiiiind...." he interrupts immediately jumping to the chase. PO-TANT!!! and smiles his biggest very best smile.

We'll work on kind and smart later. For now I'm just glad he knows he is important.


  1. We saw the movie this weekend (then I'm going to read it, backwards). I've been thinking about that phrase since then, but I can only think it as "You is kind..." so if my kids say "you is" you'll know why!

  2. I've never read the book or seen the movie, but perhaps I should.

    And Tommy is pretty much the kindest, smartest, most important little boy! And funny.

    There's this song, "I'm a VIP in my family, and that's a very important thing to be. A very important person! A very important person!" Anyway, my brother used to go around singing, "I'm a PIG in my family, and that's a very important thing to be."

    No one ever correct him because it was too funny. :)

  3. Oh that makes me cry. Tommy, unlike Mae Mobly, knows his mama loves him.

  4. I'm right in the middle of the book and I love it. I'm glad to hear the movie lives up to the book.

  5. LOVED that movie. i never even knew there was a book. darn it.

  6. That movie made me cry too. It was a good one. And Po-tant? that's cute. I'm glad he knows he's po-tant. :)


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