Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I love my child so much.

So so much.

I love him because he sweet and handsome and lovely. I love him because he figures things out. I love him because he thinks my kisses fix everything.

But today I love him especially because of his quirks.

At mealtime he sits in his high chair and slowly eats his way through his meal. When he's "all done!" an hour after beginning he tells me so then moans "oh-no!" a phrase he stole from Stella who stole it from her mom "a mess!!" a phrase he stole from yours truly and guesses that next we'll "osh? osh?" so I clear his tray and get a washcloth.

When he sees me heading toward him with a washcloth he sticks his feet straight out in front of him and demands that I start by washing his (squeaky clean) toes. Always.

There are a bunch of small routines we have, all of which I love. But the ones which don't make sense and are quite simply quirky are my favorite of all.


  1. That is adorable. I love his quirks too :)

  2. SO SWEET! I love when they figure out routines and they get excited and prepared. He's so adorable!


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