Monday, August 9, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that this "Did You Know" is a day late? Eh well, I may as well get used to that. It seems that I'm nearly always a day late and a dollar short.

Did you know that the term "shoo-in" comes from horse racing? They would "shoo" the animals to the finish line and that would make them win, and now "shoo-in" is a real live term that nobody knows how to spell.

Did you know that Tommy crawls all over the living room, down the hall, and into his room and in the kitchen, but has yet to discover the stairs? I'm calling that a blessing because if I have to put that stupid gate up and down every time I want to leave the house, I may as well get a bunch of cats and get used to the fact that I'm never leaving. Ever.

Did you know that there are 14 letters (out of 26) in the alphabet that when said aloud are also complete words? I know because every time I say "K." to Josh, as in "k. let's get going." he says "pee. are. see. you." and then we play the game where we go back and forth thinking of all the others and whoever can't think of a new one has to get up and do whatever we're doing first. Don't you wish you lived with us?

Did you know that "maaa...." is Tommy's new whining sound? Lovely.

Did you know that I am one of only a few people I know who really enjoy chillin' with my in-laws? I keep hearing in-law horror stories from friends of mine and I'm just so glad I married into a normal family.

Did you know that almost all of the people I was pregnant with have 1 year olds? 2 sisters and more neighborhood friends than I can count.

Did you know that I got Snow! Snow! Snow! from the library last week? And that I'm up before the sun these days? And that it's not too hot to function outside anymore? And that we stay up after the sun goes down? Not because we're party animals, but because WINTER IS COMING!!!!! Just sayin'.

Did you known that Bountiful Library doesn't laminate stuff? And the UPS store ran out of laminater-ing material? True story. Don't even try.

Did you know that I just finished Rumors of Wars? I really liked it, but it took FOR. EV. ER. to read because I'm also reading a bunch of other stuff. 


  1. MW draws the line at "laminater-ing" when "laminating" is so obvious. Sorry, you lose.

  2. yay for 1 year olds! Thomas just gets cuter and cuter. Do you like b-day party planning? I'm excited to watch Thomas go for the cake.

    And also, I like that Josh says p r c u. For some reason, Randy and I keep repeating the recess joke, "say mother may I and then spell cup."

    And don't talk to me about winter.

  3. I am so nervous for winter. I just don't know if I can do it anymore. What if I die?

    Also, I don't have a 1 year old! Don't make me hyperventilate!

    URAQT π

    (that last symbol is pi in case you are like me and haven't done anything more than addition and subtraction in like a decade).


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