Monday, August 2, 2010

Someone Else's Morning

This morning as I left my neighborhood for my run, I saw someone else returning from theirs.

I suddenly imagined what mornings are like in everybody else's home.

I'm somehow positively certain that Brother Smith* woke up long before the crack of dawn. Probably to the smell of a lovely breakfast cooked by Sister Smith who is wearing a long bathrobe, but had showered and has her hair done. She has prepared breakfast for the little one although Tiny Smith won't be up for another couple of hours. He kisses her goodbye as he heads out the door for his morning jog. "Just a quick 5 miles" he says. After all he has an important business meeting later today and can't be late.

While he's out she irons his shirt and tidies up the house. She kisses him hello when he returns and together they discuss the schedule of the day. Maybe they study the scriptures together or review their monthly goals.

He showers and gets ready for the day while she wakes her beautiful child with a hug and a kiss. Together they open the blinds and watch for the birds to land on the tree outside the window. The sun hits Tiny Smith's face and she squints in the bright light. She turns to her mom for protection and they hug and giggle together.

Brother Smith, now ready, straightens his tie as he walks out the garage door for work. They kiss goodbye for the day and Sister Smith is ready for all that's coming.

I know that nobody is perfect, but I honestly think that there are people out there with morning routines just this beautiful. And I wouldn't put it past the "Smith's" to have such a routine.

Our morning routine is in a bit of flux now as Tommy seems to have found the joy in sleeping in. But I like to think it's a beautiful routine, although not as calm or reverent or pretty looking as the Smith's.

When I first saw Brother Smith and imagined his routine I was a bit jealous, but I came home and had my own lovely morning so now I feel like I have nothing to be jealous of.

I've never been a morning person, but I think I'm slowly becoming converted. Shhh.....don't tell Josh!

(*Names have been changed to protect the diligent or innocent. Whatever)


  1. You cannot possibly be serious. NOBODY'S mornings go like that. I refuse to believe there is anyone out there who: a) does that; and b) would be happy living that way. That would be underhanded and sneaky and EXTREMELY discouraging for all of the REAL people in the world. Ya know, the REAL people like me who get stuck in bed because the mattress won't let go; and might occasionally eat breakfast; and has maybe fixed breakfast for the family 8 times in 22 years.

    Don't dig that hole for yourself. And DEFINITELY don't dig it for me. I can't handle it.

  2. iron shirts? what's that?
    morning jog? what's that?
    i don't think i have ever made breakfast for my family on a weekday. oops.

    hmmmm.... obviously i am not your mrs. smith.

  3. Wow. Gotta meet these Smiths, they sound fab.

    Monday Wednesday and Friday, our mornings start out with me telling the kids to go play for a little while(at 7 am when they ALWAYS rise), you know until they are starving for breakfast. Nick kisses my cheek before he leaves for work at 7:45...while I am still sleeping. I usually am not ready for the day 'till after 9...or later.

    Tuesday Thursday and Saturday are my running days and that's when I expect to see Nick in his bathrobe, otherwise all done up, making me breakfast upon my return. :)

  4. Wow, I think you are grossly mistaken. NOBODY has a morning routine like that! I think you should ask Sister Smith if you can interview her for your blog and then interrogate her about what her morning routine is REALLY like. Now that would be a blog post.


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