Friday, August 27, 2010


I knew that with the new semester starting I'd better figure out how to entertain myself without Josh's assistance. So I went to the library website and got to work.

Josh came home from the library yesterday with my holds.

Here's my reading list for the next 3 weeks (as if I can read that many books in that many days....I wish!).

And here's not even half of Josh's reading list.

Jealous much?


  1. You're gonna LOVE Watermelon Days and Firefly Nights. So easy, so fun!

    I wish I had all those books (yours, not Josh's) sitting on my nightstand, patiently waiting to visit with me.

  2. I just clicked on the picture and saw the titles up close. I also loved "Rebecca." I know, you don't care. But you know how I love to hear my own voice.

    (Just call me DMD)

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  4. Had some issues with my last comment, blogger stinks a lot some sometimes...

    I wrote: The fact that you will not even come close to reading those books in 3 weeks just proves the significant contribution we stay at home mom's make in our family. I wish I could sit and read all day (as long as I read from YOUR selection, not Josh's REQUIRED selection!) Hope the reading helps to combat some of the loneliness. I know how you feel. Yes, even with a "great benefit's and guaranteed hours" job my husband is STILL never home!

  5. Ooh, I love Uglies! If you like it, I've got some good recommendations for you! Hope you enjoy the reading. :)

  6. Looks like you are prepping for book club next week, no?

  7. I'd much rather take your books thank you!!

  8. Blah, poor guy. Your reading list is much cooler.


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