Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tommy 10 months

Tommy is 10 months old.

He eats. A lot. All the time. And he likes it.

He is eating scrambled eggs. One of the few thing Dr. Lady told us he still shouldn't eat. *sigh*
Sometimes I just don't think it's that big of a deal. So sue me.

He decided today that now that he's 10 months old he turned on the 4 wheel drive in his crawl and goes over EVERYTHING. Shoes, socks, toys, legs (mine AND his own), faces (mostly mine), books, and any other foreign object I refuse to admit is in the middle of my living room floor.

Or maybe he's checking MY mouth for teeth. Apparently that's common behavior in this family. "Got any toofs?"

Or perhaps he'd just like me to Shut. Up.

He climbs. Mostly up me, but also up toys, and furniture. OK normal moms call would say he "pulls himself up on stuff" but it feels a lot more like climbing when you are the "stuff".

He's turning into a mama's boy. And that's OK with me because he still also loves his daddy. But he freaks if we leave and he has no friends around. I suppose it'll make me bonkers later on, but for now it makes me feel like he finally knows (and cares) who I am.

We love to check out "that guy" in the mirror together. We both kinda like him.

Tommy still loves the water, and thinks that bath time is the best part of the day. Well, right after eating time. Also I think it's nice of him to get the floor all wet so I can clean it.

His eyes are turning brown from the inside out. But you can only see it when his pupils shrink really little because he's staring out the open window. I might be the only person who knows this about him. Well..until I just put it here. Now there are 3 of us who know about this.

He's moving. He crawls on his hands and knees on purpose without crying sometimes. He's not too fast yet, but he can now get from sitting to crawling skipping right over the "fall flat on your back and cry until you realize you can roll over and get on your knees" step. He also monkey walks and likes it when I hold his hands and walk him down the hall.

He hangs out with the prettiest girls. What can we say? He has good taste....this is where I should say something about getting that from his dad...but I'd hate it if you all thought I thought I was cool. I'm not. I know.

Don't tell Stella's parents that it was naked time at the Egbert's house!

He has 2 teeth on bottom and zero anywhere else. I'd like to think all of the recent screaming is due to teething though, and if he doesn't cut something soon, one of us is gonna lose it and my money is not on the one who gets 15 hours of sleep per day.

He is extraordinarily good at yoga and can still lick his own toes.

He also likes to monkey walk like this.

He's studious. He will find something new and turn it over and over and over in his hands. My favorite part of the day is when he climbs up my body, and stares straight into my face just trying to figure out how it works. I can see his brain working and I love it. Also these "thinking real hard" moments are the ones during which he looks most like Josh.

Remember way back when his most thoughtful face looked like this? That was before he discovered the joy of sucking on power cords.

Tommy at 1 month old.
My what a difference 9 months can make eh?


  1. i still lick my toes when i do yoga too. ;)
    way to go tommy!

  2. Just so's ya know our doctor man told us we could feed Taege eggs at like 6 months, so I am with you on it not being a big deal. Also, go Tommy!

  3. What a cute little boy. And what a cute Momma.


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