Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The last time I lived at my mom's house I was decidedly not a breakfast eater.

Today I'm staying at my mom's because I'm entirely too lazy to drive CLEAR to Salt Lake and back more than once in a week. I know this is some people's daily commute, but it is not mine. Nor is it Tommy's.

This morning I had breakfast and my mom nearly died of shock.

Oddly enough, my parents could be the Smith's. Only my mom doesn't cook breakfast because daddy prefers to eat a 3 foot long zucchini for breakfast. (This is not a joke. I should have taken a picture.)

My mom had oatmeal with raspberries from her garden and I did the same.

Tommy had peaches and banana.

Mom and dad read scriptures together after mom had exercised for the morning and she reminded dad no less than 3 times in 20 minutes to comb his hair.

Is it strange that it took me staying here to realize that my parents are the reason I think that some people have morning's like the Smith's? It's because some people do. And it turns out that I lived with those people for 18 years.

Who wouldda thought?


  1. While I will NEVER disagree that your parents are totally cool, they cannot be The Smiths because there are no Tiny Smiths at their house.

    Just sayin'.

  2. Hey! I guess you ditched me today. so... too bad for you, you didn't get to see my morning routine. (and I even showered before noon!) I guess I should go do last night's dinner dishes now.

  3. I love your parents. They're amazing!!

  4. I didn't ditch you Katy! You had a picnic, and I had a day's work to do, and *sigh* I'm sorry.

    And yes Emily. A raw zucchini. He's a strange one that daddy of mine....


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