Monday, August 23, 2010

A baby no more

He was a baby until about a week ago. Remember?

Now he crawls and suddenly there is no such thing as "baby" in my house.

I didn't notice it because Josh took a week off work and was home then we all went camping.

This morning I noticed.

The overgrown man-child who lives here is certainly not a baby anymore.

He is simply an overgrown man-child.

I used to think that when people talked about their kids getting "into" everything it meant they liked to touch things and play with things.

Now I know that the phrase "into everything" actually means that the child is INSIDE things. Everything.

He literally crawls inside the cupboards, inside the exersaucer, inside my bag, inside the blankets, inside the stack of newspapers in the corner, and if he could he would crawl INTO me. He seems to be unreasonably confident that if he digs long enough he'll be able to enter my skull through my eyes, ears, nose and mouth.

Those items which are too small for him to get into, get put directly into him. You know, small things, like links, yesterday's lunch leftovers which have somehow managed to not clean themselves up, pens, scraps of paper, chargers to every electronic device known to man, telephones, fingers, shoes, toes, small animals, books, flashlights and any other spare item left on my living room floor. You wish you lived here. I know you do.

Combine this "into" factor with his very sudden ability to go anywhere he wants and our home has turned from a "peaceful place of calm, a refuge from the storm" to a war zone.

I've scooped him up with one arm no less than 30 times this morning. I've "rescued him" from the stairs 20 of those times. Plus we spent 15 minutes climbing up them. He's fallen/sat down more times than I can count after having pulled himself up on boxes, couches, chairs, mirrors, newspapers, legs, and toys. Then he feels the need to let go, or haul booty to the next piece of furniture.

Just like that, "my baby" has turned into "my child". It's amazing how much I can miss "my baby" and love "my child" at the same time.

Even if he does have a bit of attitude.


  1. Looks like oh so much fun!! ;) Just wait, next thing you know he'll be a teenager...scary...

  2. And he's so cute! It's amazing how fast they grow...which is something I never really understood until I watched it happen right under my nose.

  3. Sweet, sweet boy!

    As to previous posts, I LOVE the family picture--best ever!

    And can I do a little happy dance at seeing the camping blanket on the camping trip? :)

  4. I feel for you it's a total pain!

  5. Good thing that after all, he's the cutest "child" you've ever seen :)

  6. He is SO dang ADORABLE!! And I can't even believe first, how big he is, and second, how much he looks like his dad. He's SOOOO cute!! It's fun to be in double love, sin't it?!


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