Sunday, August 29, 2010

Did you know?

Did you know that I'm still using the first bottle of fabric softener I ever bought? I'm trying to use it more lately because it takes up entirely too much space on my laundry shelf and if I can just get it gone......

Did you know that Josh now has a big fatty "study desk" in our bedroom? That's so I don't kill him when he sits in the middle of the living room demanding silence while he studies.

Did you know that I'm developing a teeny tiny crush on George Washington? Watch out Dimitri (my current "not in real life" crush) and thank you Mary Higgins Clark.

Did you know that lemons have more sugar than strawberries?

Did you know that if you walk into Ikea you cannot walk back out the door less than 30 minutes later? It's simply not possible. I double-dog-dare you to try.

Did you know that with Tommy's birthday less than a month away I have no idea what kind of party to have? Other than "big" I mean. I know I'm supposed to do that much.

Did you know that Jessica is making me run with her BEFORE 6am these days? Kill me now. But then bring me back to life so I can be proud of me. OK?

Did you know that sometimes the people who you think are totally fine are really really struggling? And sometimes the people you think are really really struggling are better-off than you think.

Did you know that I smacked a kid in the head with a church door today? I was totally horrified. Josh told me he heard it echo through the cultural hall. Brave Kid didn't even cry, he just looked at me trying to figure out why I would do that with one hand on his forehead. After he was gone I cried. He probably didn't. Remember? Because he's brave.


  1. First, I also love Dimitri. He's definitely the most handsome cartoon character ever. :p
    Second, I think it's dumb to stress about a huge fancy birthday party. I know moms who plan the party when their baby is like two months old (that's a few months exaggerated I guess) and spend hundreds of dollars. Lame. We had only a few people over, did a simple cake, and simple smash cake, some balloons, and some presents. The end. But it was SO MUCH fun. Probably because I wasn't stressing about everything. So that's my two cents. But I won't think you're lame if you have a huge fancy party I promise cause you're always cool.

  2. Luke's a big cry baby when it comes to shopping, so more than once I've promised him we'd be in and out of IKEA in twenty minutes or less, and more than once we've done it. So ha (but really, I don't win because I like shopping, and would be much happier to spend hours wandering isles (or in the case of IKEA, rooms) and taking my time looking at everything and comparing prices).

    Speaking of amounts of sugar, have you been to it seems like something you'd like.

  3. I so hope that you did NOT Cry! Seriously Amy, you've got to grow a thicker skin than that! ;)

    So you guys totally run in the dark right? I have had to push my runs to 6:30 because it is just too dark at 6. You ladies are awesome!

    Dimitri is pretty hot, plus isn't John Cusack his voice? I always hated Meg Ryan's voice in that movie, but John Cusack was a good choice.


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