Saturday, August 14, 2010

Alphabet Pal learns to cuss

Tommy has a toy called "Alphabet Pal".

Picture a centipede or something equally creepy with each leg representing a letter of the alphabet. That is Alphabet Pal.

AP has lots of tricks. She can say the letters corresponding with the feet you push. Or she can make the sounds of the letters as you push her feet. Or she can sing obnoxious songs. Or make obnoxious noises. Or just sing the alphabet song 29 times in a row without taking a breath. She's talented.

The best part of this toy is that you can make her say words by pushing the letters. "muh-awww-muh" or "mom". "duh-ahhhh-duh" or dad".

It didn't take Josh long to figure out that she giggles instead of cussing. "duh-aaaahhhhh-tee hee hee! that tickles!" she says.

You know. So she doesn't inadvertently teach your kid how to cuss.

You'd be amazed how many cuss words my kid can spell. And he's not even one yet! All I know is I hear an awful lot of giggling coming out of that creature. Tommy doesn't know how to tell jokes yet so I know it's because of the cussing.

Now if THAT doesn't make him a genius. I don't know what does.


  1. Oh my gosh, this toy was on the news a couple of years ago because it DID used to cuss! Now they changed it to a giggle, but my friend has the original one that says naughty words!

  2. Think of the HOURS spent to program that toy. THAT makes me giggle!

  3. We have this toy too and Darin accidently found the giggles...then it just kept giggling because Darin had to make sure that it wouldn't say any of the bad words (which it doesn't :) ). Love it!


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