Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alexander Lake: In Photos

Only daddy can put down my bubba to sleep. And there's really no point in anyone else (mom) trying.

These are the "guys" made out of googley eyes glued to nature.

I think my daddy is handsomest while camping. Agreed?

I also find my baby wildly attractive in the dirt. But who wouldn't? 

Some members of my family think that "mountain yoga" is good for the soul. People like me can't even do this on level ground. 

Forget about our Fotogenix shoot, I want this family picture on my wall. 

The best part of this camping trip is the adorable small children who totally and completely surrounded us.

On Thursday it rained. And some people sat out in the storm.

And other people sat in the "fun tent" to stay "dry". That's 9 adults, 8 kids, 1 tent, 3 hours of rain. Miraculously nobody died.

And then we were ready to get warm by the fire.

Getting us ready for a nice "invigorating" (aka FREEZING) swim the next day. 

In long. It was a good freakin' time.


  1. Love the family picture.
    I can't believe how big your peeps are getting. Crazy!!

  2. I absolutely agree that the family camping picture should go on the wall!


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