Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The one where Josh goes to school.

I guess it's real now.

Josh has talked about going to nursing school since our first date 5 years ago while he was doing prerequisites for the program at SLCC. He was accepted into the program for a date so far in the future I was certain he'd lose interest by the time it rolled around.

Since then he got his certificate from the Institute of Healing Arts which represents a lot of hours in class on weekends and a lot of clinical hours "processing".

Then he got his Massage Therapy thing from UCMT. More class time. More clinical hours.

Today is the "date so far in the future I was certain Josh would lose interest by the time it rolled around" and apparently Josh's attention span is much much longer than mine. He left at 7 this morning for his first day of "real nursing" classes. He's nervous. I'm terrified. And tired. And scared. And worn out. And broke. And excited. And lonely.

He'll have clinical hours to do, plus 1.5 full days each week in school, and since we still have a mortgage he'll still work full time for Redbox around all that. And I'm certainly hoping he does homework sometime too. Because if he flunks out of school that would really bite.

Meanwhile I'll go on walks, trips to the zoo, spend time with friends, play at the playground, swim, hike, and go sledding with our baby. Is it just me or does that seem incredibly unbalanced and unfair? To add to the unfairness I'll change every diaper, prepare every meal, clean every bathroom and probably put little Smurf down for bed every night.

I like to think "it's just a semester, I can make it through a semester." but then I remember that there's another semester after that one. And then 2 more. And then we get to figure out where to do the Bachelor's. And then there will be more semesters. And really I'm not sure how long this whole thing will last or what else will change during that time (more babies? a different place to live? change in jobs?). And that's when the terror sets in.

Because I have no idea what's coming.


  1. I'm sorry. I have definitely felt the "I don't know what's coming next" pain and it is terrifying. But I'm positive you will make it through and all be happy despite the crazy busyness.

    Also, I volunteer to be one of your friends to keep you company so you're not lonely with Josh gone all the time. Let me know what a good day is and I'll come visit!

  2. Good luck, Amy. I know just how you feel-- Dan's going back to school today, and working full time, and I'll be coming home permanently next week. It just seems unfair to him. But we'll make it. And I know you guys will too! Hugs.

  3. I'm sorry is the pits. Just think about it one semester at a time and it'll be easier.
    I agree with ever need to hang out, just let me know.

  4. You'll make it! Scott's taking a couple of classes and the GMAT this semester, on top of his FT job, so I'm trying to gear up too. I guess this means he won't be cleaning the bathroom for me anymore? Maybe I'll even start making him lunches. That would be good and wifely of me.

  5. Go Egberts! You can do it. Personally, I prefer your half. Can we come to the zoo with you?

  6. I wanna go to the zoo!

    You're gonna do great.

    And remember that friend whose husband 20 years and many, many thousands of dollars thrown away because he flunked out and dropped out? And remember how he finally succeeded, even though she stopped being supportive? Learn from that friend. Be supportive so you deserve the praise you'll get at the end of a LOT less than 20 years!

  7. Hang in there. My husband just graduated and it seemed like it would never end. Everyday with my 3 year old, 1 year old and baby on the way I would think, this is insane. But now that it's over, it was totally worth it. Some days will seem really long, but just remember, it does end eventually.


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