Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thomas: 1 Month

Yesterday Thomas turned 1 month old.

Now that he's all old and mature he doesn't like me blogging about his eating/pooping habits anymore. Kids these days...fortunately sleeping snot sucking are still fair game.

Now that I'm all experienced and wise in the world of mothering I do things like pick up the binkie off the floor, blow it off and put it back in his mouth.

At 1 month, Thomas:
Focuses on my hands.
Naps for 4 hours at a time...just not at night.
Kicks his legs HARD, especially when getting his diaper changed.
Grabs anything near his chest. Fingers, bottles, hands, pacifiers, blankets.....the list goes on.
Has almost outgrown his newborn onesies.
He's still sporting the bishopric hair. And he has the ability to sleep sitting up. All he needs is a tie and a sustaining vote.
Is madly in love with mommy and daddy. Daddy because he holds him over his forearm. Mommy because she's good with the mid-night feedings.

And 1 month later I'm:
Terrified we'll run out of formula or diapers.
Walking 2-3 miles a day (with the blessing and encouragement of Dr. Man).
Amazed at how awake a person can be at 2am.
Making peace with the snot sucker of death.
Loving my new "stay at home mom" status.
Still 100% whooped over this little one.

How could I not be when he's this cute?


  1. He's so cute! It might just be the babyness, but that last photo reminds me of Lucy.

  2. Did Thomas pull that last pose all on his own? Next time you can tuck his fist under his chin--look out GQ!

  3. Goodness, that last picture is precious. And good for you on the walking 2-3 miles. I'm very impressed! (I've never done that but can't wait to get off the truck so I can join you.)


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