Monday, November 23, 2009

Josh & Am Aren't Lame.

I wish we were a reality tv show...only the title of the show would need some help, "lame" and "Am" were the best rhyme I could think's late....or it's 9pm and I just think it's late. Whatever.

If we were a reality tv show, I wouldn't have had to take 62 pictures to get this one.

And you would already know how blue his eyes are and not have to rely on this photo to prove it.

And all of the sweet moments of my life would be well documented.
I'd have video of our family nap on Sunday. Because who doesn't want to watch video of a nap?
I'd have evidence that Josh makes me laugh every single day.
I could show off that I've made my meal plan for the month of December and it's only the 23rd of November.
People would be impressed when I do things shopping.
I'd never think "oh dang! I forgot my camera!" or "hold that face for just 2 more seconds little one." or "stupid flash." because the professionals would be in charge of all photo ops.
And maybe you'd be able to see the 3 LOOONG hairs sticking out of the top of my baby's head in this picture.

Of course then you'd also know that I cried for 10 minutes this morning because I dreamed that Josh cheated on me with the slutty mom from Mean Girls....and that we're eating our dinner in 3 phases tonight because I couldn't manage getting it all done at once.....and that phase 3 will be out of the oven in 9 more minutes.....I can't make this stuff up.


  1. I think you are the winner. Because really? Who DOESN'T want a three-course dinner?

  2. We eat in courses a lot of the times so no worries at all. I saw the three hairs on his head, awesome. I take videos of some of the weirdest things but there fun to watch later.

  3. Yesterday we invited Luke's mom over for lunch, and ended up serving her porkchops with plum chutney first, and then roasted potatoes and asparagus fifteen minutes later when they were finally done. It happens.

  4. The fact that you HAVE 3 courses is amazing. I usually can barely produce a main course!

  5. Thanks to Aundrea who figured out that "phases" could actually be called "courses" and make me look better. True friends always fudge the truth to make you look better.

    For the record, the "courses" were cream-cheese chicken squares, squash, and water. No "porkchops with plum chutney" around here - Heather, can I eat with you? You eat good food.

  6. Josh 'n Am aren't lame! Josh 'n Am aren't lame! Josh 'n Am aren't lame! We're working on chanting that instead of "Go Utes" which (thanks to you) is Ryann's favorite thing to say these days.

  7. I see the three hairs! Does that mean I win?

    Oh and his eyes are beautiful!


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