Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm still a 14 year old girl.....and so is Josh

Friday nights aren't quite the same as they used to be.

Our carefree, hop in the car at a moment's notice, fly by the seat of our pants, hanging out with friends, playing games with 10 million pieces that take an hour of undivided attention, go for a midnight hike in November, days are over.

Instead we spent out evening watching Mean Girls because it was on TV (let's hear it for free movies!) and we are both far too lazy to go in search of something farther away than the remote.

Here's the best part - Josh thought the movie was hillarious.

I offered to change it to something else that he'd like more and he just shrugged and said "it's fine if you leave it...whatever." Which we all know is the man-equivalent of "noooo!!!!! I really wanna see what happens! Don't change it, please please please!!"

The way I know he really liked it is that he watched it THROUGH all the commercials. I know. Amazing, right? He wouldn't watch 007 through all the commercials, but Mean Girls?...sign us up!

Of course I enjoyed it too, because I (not so) secretly love 14 year old girl movies. I never grew out of that and I probably never will. Turns out Josh is just growing into it.


  1. My brother-in-law likes that movie, so Brian and I got it for his birthday one year. But we had to buy another movie,so we could put Mean Girls in the case, to hide it from his roommates so they wouldn't mock him.

    I think guys just like the movie too.

  2. I love 14 year old girl movies! Any time Josh wants a break from them let me know because I'm always up for one.

  3. Nick and I like that show too!


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