Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot air

When we saw these hot air balloons right outside our hotel window, we got a little jealous.

Because this is what Lake Powell looks like from a hot air balloon. Did you know that it's like 160-something miles long? I had no idea.

Then Josh pointed out how unsafe they were because "the air is already do they even work in Arizona anyway?" And I'd like to say he has a good point, it's like 9 million degrees here. Or 85...same thing.


  1. So, how come I'm here in cold Utah (where I'm miserable and freezing to death) and you're in hot Arizona (where you're miserable and melting)? There is no justice.

  2. Such an interesting drive isn't it? When we went to Phoenix in the spring, we left Salt lake in a giant snow storm. We drove through red-rock to Kanab. The next day past Lake Powell, over the dam, through the reservation, and up to Flagstaff to another snow storm. We ended that day driving into Phoenix with all it's cacti and to 85 degree weather. It was awesome!
    Hope you are having a great time!


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