Thursday, November 5, 2009

I win! (the first night's sleep)

Last night was good.

Like really good.

In the history books when they talk about the ideal newborn sleeping arrangement, you will see our night last night.

My baby slept.

By himself.

In his crib.

For 3(ish) hours at a time!

He woke to eat, and went back to sleep when he was finished.

He didn't whine when I put him back in bed.

He didn't cry when I walked out of the room.

He just went to sleep.

And I will love him forever for it.

See usually he looks like this all night long.

Except when he looks like this

(turns out I don't have any other screaming's because of our deal.)

But last night he looked like this

Now I'm not saying the first pictures aren't cute (they are) but doesn't this look so much better?

Yes. Yes it does.


  1. Woot! Happy nights (and therefore, DAYS!) for Mommy and Tommy!

  2. Ok isn't it weird that less than a month ago probably getting three hour blocks of sleep would have made you grumpy and now it's like a piece of heaven on earth? Lol oh motherhood...
    Btw, that is one handsome boy you've got awake, sleeping, and even screaming!

  3. I'm so happy he slept well last night!! YAY!!! He's such so adorable and cute! Your little guy is just perfect!


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