Monday, November 16, 2009

Bitter disappointment

You know how you go to church and look at all the perfect families and the beautiful mothers with their lipstick and their matching clothes and think "they only do this once a week. It's just because it's Sunday and the other 6 days per week are spent in sweat pants and oversized t-shirts with their mouths full of bonbons."

I'm here to ruin that dream for you. It's not true. 

Those people do it on Sunday, and then the next day they wake up, get their kids dressed up all preppy and cute and have them out the door and at a Ward Playgroup at 10am on Monday.

Sucks huh?

I'm still clinging to the other 5 days a week.


  1. Not this mom!! I don't even do it on Sunday. So you can feel better at being realistic!

  2. Only in this neighborhood, Amy. And you've hit the nail right on the head with this one. I feel the exact same way. Don't worry- for me it really only is on Sundays. I have been totally disappointed when I drop JJ off at preschool in my grungy clothes with my hair not done- all the other moms are fresh out of the shower with flat-ironed hair, and perfect makeup. Really, I do think it's just this area- my sister says that I would fit right in where she lives.

  3. At least everyone is still nice. Even if they are unreasonably beautiful..... :)

  4. I usually don't get dressed or shower until 3 in the afternoon :D

  5. Lipstick? Wow. Sometimes if I look unordinarily pale due to lack of sleep I put blush on. But only on Sundays. And I don't usually shower until the evenings. And sometimes I go for more than 24 hours without changing out of my pjs. And I totally smell like milk all the time.

  6. Ahem. I will admit that I am one of those that puts on lipstick (really just a colored gloss) most days. :) But, it's not every day. Really.
    I just wish I were naturally beautiful like you, and Marianne, and the other women that commented here. (Yes, I can tell from your profile picture)
    And, if you look closely, you can see that I probably have a booger or some sort of kid residue on my shirt and/or pants and face.

  7. Dear Emily,

    Naturally beautiful is true about all of these women. You're right about that.

    Also your kids are probably the booger-free kind yes? I've never spotted any kind of booger or kid residue on you EVER (but now I'll be looking can look forward to that). :)

    Dear everyone else,
    Thanks for humoring me.


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