Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mom Olympics

Kristina can change the sheets while her twins are jumping on the bed. I can't change my sheets because I'm still in bed.

Nancy can type one-handed....sort of. Something I'm still working on but find completely infuriating because it's so. dang. slow. Plus there's that whole "shift key" thing.

Wendy makes two-day treats. Without neglecting her child. I can't make easymac without neglecting my child. Seriously.

Katy does man jobs. Willingly. No comment.

I can read a book with my eyes closed. At 2am. Actually the only evidence of this would be the "teach your child to sleep" book I borrowed from my mom....judging by the fact that I'm up and "reading" at 2am maybe this isn't really true.....

It seems that motherhood comes with a very unique skill set. So why don't we get our own Olympics?

I bet I could get a gold medal in one-handed bottle making while bouncing a screaming child, holding a binkie in his wide open mouth - (wait. Why do I do that? I just  realized that he's screaming anyway....I could let him scream on the floor and use 2 other moms know about this??? Must share this mothering tip as a Christmas gift.) and bossing his dad around.

What would your gold medal be for?


  1. Ugh. I'm reading this at 2:30 AM. What's the title of that book? ;)

    I typed this, no errors, one-handed--it's true: I rock.

  2. I have a gift for ignoring loud noises! Thank you! Thank you!

  3. I get a gold medal for not loosing my cool at Target yesterday when my kids had a royal meltdown...screaming "stop touching me, don't look at me", etc, etc.

  4. Well I know you already posted one for me but when the twins were little I could hold both of them while making two bottles at the same time. Armpits are great baby holders and I can change a diaper upside down (don't ask).

  5. We also have a talent of making a ninety minute movie take AT LEAST three hours to watch. It is like twice as much entertainment . . . sort of.

  6. I would have to get a medal for answering question after question after question after question for kids that are way too smart for their ages. Now I get to earn the Grandma medal for the same thing with my grandsons. I love this post.

  7. This post cracked me up. I can't wait until I get to join in the Mom olympics. I wonder what events I'll enter...


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