Monday, November 2, 2009

Signs I'm doing OK

During the week I would've told you I knew nothing about being a mom.

I would've told you that I had no clue how to communicate with this little one. (Does he have a "hungry" cry that is different from a "mad" cry or a "pay attention to me" cry?)

I would've told you that I had learned nothing from our 3 weeks together.

I would've been wrong.

And here's how I know.

On Saturday morning Josh was feeding Thomas and needed another hand. Could I please grab the burp cloth? And oh yeah he forgot to get the binkie too. And since he was holding the baby and couldn't really walk across the room would I mind changing the music?

I helped because I knew how. And I felt good because I do all of those things all by myself all day long.

On Friday I jumped in the shower when Thomas was asleep and as soon as I started to shampoo I realized how stupid that was. I knew very well he wouldn't sleep through my shower. This was NOT his good napping time and I knew it. He was going to wake up crying long before I was clean.

My heart sortof sunk.

And then I realized that he has a "good nap time"! And I knew when it was! My kid has a schedule (sortof) and I know what it is.

And my heart soared as I realized I've learned things, and that I'm not a horrible mother who "just can't get the hang of things".

Then Thomas started to cry. And I rocked and conditionered my hair while congratulating myself on my mothering skills.

And I didn't even feel bad about shaving my legs while he cried.


  1. Go, Amy; go, Amy! Good job, my friend! You are smart and valuable and beautiful and wonderful (to me, to Josh, and to Thomas). I'm not a bit surprised.


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