Monday, November 2, 2009

Josh took back the bed

Josh learned to sleep on the edge of the bed during the past 9 months....because he had to - there wasn't room for him AND me in our bed.

Now he's completely forgotten how to sleep on the edge.

And he's slowly forgetting how to sleep on his side.

Each time I come back to bed throughout the night he's closer and closer to my side until I return from feeding Thomas at 5am with toes like popsicles and the shivers that make him think I bought a vibrating bed and he has completely abandoned his side of the bed in favor of my side. 

Part of me thinks "oh how sweet - he's warming up my side for me" and part of me thinks of all the funny ways to make him move while he's still asleep and only the teeny tinsiest part of me thinks about just getting in on his side. Clearly logic and reason are not my biggest sides.

I suppose it's only fair....he donated his side to "the cause" for 9 months....I should be able to trade know, for "the cause". Or maybe as a Thank You for letting me use his legs to warm my popsicle toes and his neck to warm my fingers.


  1. SO been there! Your popsicle toes serve him right. (heeheehee and crafty Karleen finger wiggles)

  2. 恋愛のこと教えてねヽ(^◇^*)/February 12, 2010 at 5:32 AM

    仕事や趣味に夢中になってたらいつの間にか独りきりになってた…彼氏も長いこといなくて恋愛から離れてました( ´_ゝ`)そろそろ恋愛にも夢中になりたいけど男の子とどうせっしたらいいか教えて下さい(-^▽^-) 動物好きだから、年上で動物好きな人仲良くしてね(。・w・。 ) ペット連れて散歩なんていいよね!!まずはのんびりメールからお願いします

  3. 今やモバゲーは押しも押されもせぬ人気SNS!当然であいを求めてる人も多い!そこで男女が出逢えるコミュニティーが誕生!ここなら友達、恋人が簡単にできちゃいますよ

  4. greeやモバゲー、mixiよりアツイ!!スタービーチが新しくなって登場!!復活したスタービーチで新しいでぁいを見つけよう


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