Monday, November 2, 2009

Much better

The Babe loves his medicine - I kindof want to taste it to see why he sucks it down so that bad? - and is pooping regularly and puking much less violently AND less frequently.

Who knew a mom could love a poopy diaper so much?


  1. yea! I talked to your mom on Halloween and she told me about the medicine. My kids had to have it too and it sure is helpful.

  2. Hooray for Thomas--he's gotta be feeling SO much better.

    Hooray for doctors--even though we always have to wait so long for them.

    Hooray for mommies--you are a good one!

  3. Prevacid and Zantac have changed Savannahs life. Hope you get a similar miracle, you deserve it!

  4. haha! I was SO in the same boat as you- beckham would only poop every 10 days or so! I did things to help him out that I NEVER thought I'd do....


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