Monday, November 16, 2009

Early to bed and early to rise

Last night Thomas went to bed at 7:30. Josh and I went to bed as soon as possible after that. I don't want any lip from you - it was already dark outside.

I woke up this morning with Thomas at 4. Little did I know he was finished sleeping for the day. 

I tried to get him back to sleep until about 5:30.  

Josh and I have a deal. Pre-5am is still "the middle of the night" and therefore my responsibility. Post-5am is "the wee hours of the morning" and therefore Josh's responsibility. 

So at 5:30 I put him down in his crib, ran across the house so I could jump in bed and pretend I was asleep before Thomas started crying, therefore making it Josh's job to get up with him.

Fortunately Josh was still sleeping, so I didn't have to be very convincing in my fake sleep. A simple "Josh, it's after 5, he's yours" accompanied with the screaming that we love to broadcast through the house with a monitor was all he needed and he was up with the babe. 

I snuggled down into bed to get warm and went back to bed until 8.

I suppose 7:30 to 4am is a good night's sleep. But there's just something inherently wrong with getting up at 4am and not going back to sleep. I refuse to do it.

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  1. it gets worse before it gets better. We start putting our kids down at 6:30pm at which time I believe it is perfectly natural to change into jammies myself and get ready for bed!


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