Friday, November 6, 2009


It's been a week full of surprises around our house. surprising as life gets when you spend 12 hours a day trying to keep the baby awake, 12 hours trying to get the baby to sleep and 13 hours of the day feeding the baby and changing his diaper/clothes/sheets.

It all started Monday night when I started having contractions. Who knew you can have contractions stronger than those during labor 3.5 weeks after the baby is born? Which freaked Josh right out...

Tuesday I told my boss that I'm inheriting my sister's business which allows me to work part time from home and still be Thomas's mom. I cried when I wrote the e-mail and I asked Josh 20 times to remind me that we knew this was the right thing for us. I will desperately miss my job. I also cried when I thought of how many prayers this answers. I'm overwhelmed by how life works out.

Wednesday the contractions continued and Josh told me he was either dragging me to the ER or I was going to take something for the pain and swear I'd call the Dr. in the morning.

Thursday Josh's boss called and asked if he wanted to go to Arizona for a week.

Thursday I called Dr. Man's office and asked if contractions were normal at this point. They told me to come in and he's make sure there wasn't any "foreign matter" still in my uterus that didn't belong. I may or may not have told Josh there could be a twin in there that is still trying to get out. He may or may not have rolled his eyes while we thought of all the "foreign matter" that could be in there.

Thursday we visited Gramma Reilley and packed for Thomas's first road trip.

This morning we packed for Thomas's first road trip (you know...because he peed on everything he owned in the middle of the night and it had to be laundered before the final packing).

Now we're in The Middle of Nowhere, Utah enjoying the scenery and the road trip food. Josh loves trail mix. I love wheat thins. We both love slurpees. Thomas loves formula.

Is it irresponsible to take an infant on a road trip just because you want to? Probably.

We sorta figure that since we'll be celebrating Thomas's 1 month birthday this week we ought to be somewhere cool. Cool = not my living room. Really this is a lame excuse to go on a road trip, but it sounds much less selfish than "I'm bored of Utah." so I'm using it anyway.
We also figure that Thomas should get used to life in the Redbox car if he's gonna be in this family.
I figure that life in a (free) hotel with my husband is much better than life in our house without him. And I'm right. I can't do all of the night shifts AND the morning shifts, AND the day shifts.
I also figure that there's no point in being a stay-at-home mom if you can't say "sure, let's go to Arizona tomorrow" anytime you want. Mothering is all about spontaneous vacations, right?


  1. yes. mothering IS all about spontaneous vacationing. Good piont. Now I'd like a turn ok?

  2. I LOVE that part of being a stay-at-home mom!!! It kind of gets diminished when school starts, but as you can tell by our latest spontaneous road trip, we are of the opinion the the road trip is sometimes more educational. Have fun in AZ!!!

  3. You have SO made the right decision :) Prayers are often answered just the way we hoped :) p.s you are in AZ and I feel that you have the responsibility to come see me. Okay, maybe if you get a chance we can do lunch? and p.s.s. what's the business you are inheriting? :)


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