Sunday, June 28, 2009

smells delicious

I'm a sucker for a really great smell.....the basics you know?

Fresh baked bread.
Josh's cologne.
Homemade cookies.
My Daddy.
The mountains.
Stale campfire smoke.

I could go on all day really, but I won't. Because this is a story about Garret. But I am interested, what are your favorite smells?

My 9 year old nephew was sitting on Josh's lap wrestling today. After a particularly rough game of I can hold your hands longer/tighter/tougher than you can hold mine he let go and said "oh great, now my hands smell like sweat" to which I replied, "yummy! Josh-sweat, now you smell like my husband!"

Garret's voice was thick with sarcasm. "Oh yeah. great. Josh-sweat." then he paused to think about it and informed me, "actually he smells great because he wears deodorant!" and attempted to bury his nose in Josh's armpits.

Little boys are awesome.


  1. LOL that is so funny.... although I also enjoy "Jake smell" I don't bury my nose in his armpits too often :)

  2. I love campfire smoke, but stale smoke? Really?

    Your nephew made me laugh.

  3. Rain :) And this really nummy cologne...fresh cut grass...I could really go on, but I'll stop there.

    AND...this made me laugh really hard. Sooo thanks for that :)

  4. We have a "homemade rootbeer" candle scent that I really like. Thanks for asking.

    p.s. I'm really sorry about Josh's asthma attack.

  5. fresh cut grass, my babies heads after a bath, baking, Cam, Home Depot


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