Sunday, June 28, 2009

Clark Planetarium and Rainbows

Friday night we went out with Josh's old mission companion and his girlfriend. We went to see a 3D movie at Clark Planetarium. 

It was about bugs.

The kind with a lot of legs.

The kind that eat each other (praying mantises are MEAN!)

The kind that squirm and crawl and give you the heebie jeebies.

The kind that mate.

What kind of person thought "hey, let's make a movie about creepy-crawlies and then make it 3D so everyone can feel the bugs crawling on them for the rest of the night? Then we'll call it educational so everybody brings their kids to it!" I don't know who it was, but that dude is RICH.

(I had to take a picture of the bug glasses - partly to offer proof to Josh that "we do too do things!")

That movie was so freakin' awesome. Only one totally disturbing view of a praying mantis eating a fly....close his face....and a couple of mating scenes which were really not disturbing at all. Did I mention that it was 3D? No? It was.

Somehow nobody really screamed - and no babies cried, and nobody walked out early. So probably the kids weren't as disturbed as I was. In fact, I can see the boys in the audience thinking that was really cool....blood and guts and all.

After the movie (and playing with all the cool toys for a LONG time) we had dinner, and came home.  During dinner was this incredible rainstorm. The sky was beautiful, the air smelled good, the thunder rumbled clear from my toes to my shoulders, the lightening lit up the whole sky, and the raindrops were HUGE.

I've never seen a photo of a rainbow look even CLOSE to as cool as the rainbow in real don't knock the lack of photography skills....

The rainbow that followed was huge and you could see the entire thing. It arched over the whole sky, was THICK and had a shadow rainbow friend following it.

I love rain, I love rainbows. It was a great Friday night.

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  1. We TOTALLY took the boys to see that a couple of years ago. They WERE NOT happy about the 3D at ALL. Luckily, we had polarized sunglasses that they could wear, which work to make the picture flat and in focus. Really large 3D bug life was definitely interesting and disturbing to me too.


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