Monday, June 8, 2009

Mike loves Babe

There is a man named Mike in my office.
He is married to a woman named Babe. That’s not her real name, but you’d never know it isn’t because that’s what everybody calls her and it’s what she says her name is.
Her daddy was Don. She was Dawn. So they called her Baby Dawn.
Baby Dawn got shortened to Babe and that is who she is to everyone she’s ever met (and people she hasn’t met).
Mike is the shyest, quietest, reverentest, kindest, gentlest man I think I’ve ever met. Babe is not shy, quiet, OR reverent. I’m sure she is when it’s inappropriate not to be, but mostly she’s kindof a rowdy - very loveable - person.  
One time she called for Mike while he was in a meeting and when I asked if she could take a message she said “sure. Walk into that meeting and tell Mikey there’s a hot chick on the phone who wants his body.” We laughed.
I wrote down the message so I wouldn’t blush while telling Mike to call his wife. I think he appreciated that because that way I didn’t see him blush when he read the message.
I am convinced that there are no two people in the whole wide world who love each other more than Mike and Babe. He’s sweet when he talks to her (and about her) and to hear him just say her name would melt your heart. (This is true even if you’re not prone to melty-heart-syndrome due to the child within.)
I just found out that he still calls her Baby Dawn when they’re at home, and my pre-puddled heart melted clear down to my toes (and a little bit out my eyes – that’s probably due to melty-heart-syndrome cause).
In 30 years, if Josh loves me even 1/10th as much as Mike loves Babe, I swear I will be more loved than I ever dreamed possible.


  1. Wow, that is so cute! Babe sounds so funny!

  2. Best. Post. Ever. And so true! You forgot that on the phone he calls her "Buddy," as in, "Love you, Buddy!"

  3. Hahahaha! All I have to say about Mike and Babe is "Eww". :)

  4. hehe, sometime I'm going to leave that message with Randy's secretary. Actually, I'm not. I hardly even dare to call him when it's an emergency because I have to talk to a secretary first. Besides, it won't be the same because we're only 26 years old so everyone will just be annoyed.

    And furthermore, Josh will absolutely love you that much in 30 years. Remember how your nickname is "the babes"?

  5. Dang yo. That's cute. I want that!


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